What's in our jars?

DOLMIO® tomato sauce is made from a few very simple ingredients,the main ones
  being diced tomatoes and tomato paste. In fact,there's the equivalent of around
    366g of tomatoes in each jar, and each serving has over 90g of tomatoes,
      which is 10g more than one of your five-a-day portions of vegetables.

So let's look at one of our jars in more detail.

Now, at this point we'd like to say NACAFOP!

No need to say "bless you" that wasn't Mama sneezing, it's an acronym which proves how simple and unspoiled each jar of Dolmio® Bolognese Sauce really is. It means No Added Colour Artificial Flavourings Or Preservatives.

Dolmio® Bolognese products don't need and can not contain any added colour

As we said, tomato paste and tomato dices are the main ingredients in our DOLMIO® tomato sauces. The tomato has lycopene which is naturally red in colour, so we don't have to make it even redder. And in any case, it's illegal in the UK to use added colours in tomato sauce products.

Dolmio® Bolognese products don't need any artificial flavourings

The culinary experts in our kitchen have developed a simple recipe with the same ingredients you would use when you would prepare a tomato sauce from scratch at home.

These ingredients complement each other perfectly, so we don't need to add any extra flavourings to create the authentic taste and aroma of the final meal.

But what about preservatives?

In our tomato products we use mild pasteurisation to ensure our products are as good on the day you open them as the day we make them. We also add lemon juice to help with the preservative effect. But because this lemon has an acid taste, we add a bit of sugar to balance the acidity and to create to the perfect flavour. This adds up to just ½ of a teaspoon of added sugar per serving.


We know there are a lot of questions about what goes into jarred sauces and into some of our products. That's why we want to give all the answers to any questions you have.

Go on then, fire away.

Q. Why do your products contain sugar?

A.Tomatoes contain sugar naturally. In fact, you get sugar from any kind of fruit or vegetable - it's a natural energy source for plants. A whole large tomato weighing around 184 grams contains more than 4.75g of sugar. An average medium-size 120g tomato has just 3.25g of sugar, while a 57g plum tomato provides only 1.6g of sugar.

Tomatoes have two main types of sugar: fructose and glucose which quickly enter your bloodstream, giving you energy if your blood sugar levels drop. In order to get the perfect recipe, we add a small amount of sugar. You can guarantee you'll never have more than two teaspoons of added sugar in a 500g of DOLMIO® Bolognese - that's only ½ teaspoon per serving.

Q. What's the difference between sugar and added sugar?

A. As we mentioned above, tomatoes contain sugar naturally. We add citric acid to help naturally preserve our sauce and because of this, we add a small amount of sugar to give us the perfect flavour and balance the acidity of lemon juice.

This adds up to just 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar per serving.added sugar in a 500g of Dolmio® Bolognese - that's only ½ teaspoon per serving.

Q. Why do you add sugar?

A. We add a very small amount of sugar to balance the acidity of the lemon juice and to get to the perfect flavour. All in all, roughly 75% of the total sugar in the jar is from the tomatoes, and 25% is added to balance the acidity of the lemons and give us the perfect flavour.

Q. How do your products last so long?

A. Our tomato sauces have a long life because they go through a mild pasteurisation which uses heat to ensure our sauces are just as good on the day you open them as on the day we make them. To control the acid taste of the lemons, we add a tiny bit of sugar to the recipe.